The Two Biggest Thieves in your Life

ThievesThe two biggest thieves of your life are the Fear of the Future and the Regrets of the Past.  It is amazing how much time, talent, and emotion these two activities steal.  Anytime you are living in either of these areas, you are unable to focus on the tasks required to get through today’s responsibilities.  In more serious forms, they paralyze your actions and thoughts and hinder you from moving on with your life.

Fear of the Future: Do you jump to conclusions when things go wrong?  You imagine the worst scenario and become fearful of what’s next.  When something goes wrong your mind rushes to the five or six catastrophic endings that could occur.  By focusing on these possible scenarios, fear steals your energy away from finding the facts about what has occurred and formulating a recovery plan.  The fear of the future steals confidence and joy from today.  You spend energy on phantom problems.  It is OK to plan for the future, but it is not OK to fear the future.  Fear is a powerful tool that takes good people out of the game.  The greatest way to handle this fear is to ask yourself “Is each item I am worried about the truth?”  If the answer is yes, work on those items, if the answer is no, dismiss it and move on.

Regrets of the Past:   Farmers have a great saying “Don’t water last year’s crops”.   Unfortunately most people beat themselves up over mistakes that were made, or waste time by over analyzing poorly handled issues.  Unfortunately your little voice inside does nothing to encourage you to move forward, it merely reinforces how you messed up.  To counter act this condition; replace the word “Should” with the words” Next Time”.  This simple change allows you to focus on how you will act if you encounter this situation again.  It makes you move on past the current condition and creates productivity again. Again ask yourself, is the message I am hearing the truth?

Your challenge is to manage these two thieves when crisis hits.  Getting these under control will make your days more productive, keep you less stressed, and you will become more effective to handle crisis each day.

Life is not a problem to be solved; it’s an adventure to be lived.



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