Arena Football League

“Ron is relevant, life-changing and moving.  With his humor and authenticity, the audience is able to connect with Ron and embrace his message.”  Many speakers will go out and entertain you, but Ron does a good job of penetrating the superficial and challenging people in their heart.  He has the ability to move people to action.

David Baker
Former Commissioner
Arena Football League

Competitive Excellence “If you are looking for an inspirational speaker that can share life experiences that impact everyone in your group, Ron is exceptional. He has wisdom, heart, energy and is grounded in a great faith that says “life is a journey to be experienced”. Ron is the real thing and will be uplifting to every person he touches!”

Stu Schlackman
President of National Speakers Association North Texas
Owner, Competitive Excellence

KSWP “Ron and I have worked with each other on several fronts including hiring Ron as a keynote speaker and as a coach facilitating hands-on seminars.  He is a great resource of knowledge and expertise. His varied background as a successful business owner and community leader/servant has given him a great wealth of personal experience to call upon. Great Results, Personable and High Integrity.

Al Ross
Vice President & GM
KSWP and KAVX Radio

Hope International University “Ron is an energetic, entertaining, and engaging speaker. He kept the interest of my University Leadership Skills class by his passion, information and challenge.  Ron is a man of integrity and character.  His values shine through his personality and his decision-making.
Dr. Joe Grana
Dean, Pacific Christian College of Ministry & Biblical Studies
Hope International University
Fullerton, California
California Furniture Manufacturers Association “Ron is passionate about his message.  He is knowledgeable and believable when he speaks about overcoming business related and personal struggles.”  

Mark Popel
Past President
California Furniture Manufacturer’s Association

Design Line Interiors “In the 8+ years that I have known Ron, I have been greatly encouraged by his wit and wisdom on many occasions. He is like a mechanic who, with a toolbox full of life experiences, has an uncanny knack for choosing just the right words to adjust perspective, uplift a discouraged heart and provide practical solutions that infuse hope into seemingly hopeless situations. He is an inspiring mentor and I am honored to call him my friend.”

Marlena Jones
Administrative Manager
Design Lines Interiors
San Diego, CA

Broyhill “My first interaction with Ron was over seven years ago. When I met Ron I was beginning a new direction in my career and life. Ron met me with an open mind and with an encouraging outlook on my future.  Ron has helped me learn to see life’s opportunities and challenges with an elevated perspective -always maturing to a positive outcome. He talks to you with respect, understanding, and a wealth of experience.  I would recommend Ron to any person, business, or group who wants maturity, success, and amazing perspective on life’s challenges. He is a true champion!”

Lael Thompson
Broyhill of Denver

Estrada Strategies “Ron Hoesterey is one of my heroes. He is an amazing speaker who brings a powerful message every time I hear him. He has a special ability to communicate using humor, story-telling, personal examples, and inspirational words. He is also a gifted coach who knows how to help people recognize their barriers and find the courage and strength to move beyond them. When I need encouragement in my work and my life, I often turn to Ron. I can’t say enough good about Ron and I heartily recommend him to any group looking for a powerful speaker and any person looking for a great coach to help them reach their full potential.”

Kevin Kragenbrink
Kragenbrink & Associates/Estrada Strategies

The Marketing Chef “Listening to Ron will inspire you to change your life for the better. His journey is inspiring, full of adversity but instantly relatable. Ron Hoesterey converted the struggles of his life into adventures and achievements that are now the transferable principles necessary to transform individuals and organizations. He shares the techniques and tools to conquer life’s problems which equipped him to live “The Greater Journey” and inspires others to live The Greater Journey too.

I found him to be relevant through his leadership experience in business, government and non-profits. His wisdom is drawn from adventures and achievements which are authentic, uniquely funny and engaging. He is a man of sterling character, passionately caring, and lights up the room. The final hallmark of a great speaker – is – did it stick?  I have found myself quoting him to others and implementing several of the key principles into my own life.
I would recommend anyone in business or public service to run and listen to the wisdom of Ron Hoesterey – and start living “The Greater Journey” sooner than later!”

Andrew Szabo
The Marketing Chef, Helping You Stir Up New Business with Irresistible Marketing

Opango “Ron is a thought provoking and humorous speaker with a genuine, uplifting and powerful message. The audience was completely engaged as Ron transformed our life view from a series of problems to be solved into an adventure to be lived. Ron is an inspiration; don’t miss an opportunity to hear him speak.” August 29, 2011

Tom Allen
Founder and CEO

Estrada Strategies “I met Ron professionally over 10 years ago and we have since become good friends. I have asked Ron to speak to a group of my clients about Succession Planning in business and was very impressed with his knowledge, wisdom, sincerity and inelegance. Most of all, I was impressed with his passion for sharing his personal and professional stories and his genuine love for God. Ron impacts people’s lives in ways he does not even see. His experiences in dealing with adversity, managing change and succession planning resonate to any business executive, elected official or faith based individual who may be seeking knowledge, inspiration and real life actionable ideas. I would highly recommend Ron to any organization seeking a powerful and engaging speaker who can bring relevant information to many audiences.”

Ruben Estrada
Estrada Strategies Franchise Inc.