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About Ron

We live in an age of increasing uncertainty and face challenges that test our abilities in ways in which we have never been exposed.   To be successful, these times require us to look at life differently and approach our daily experiences from a new perspective.

Ron has been the Mayor of a City that doubled in size during his 10 years of leadership that involved working with World Leaders, Ambassadors, Governors, Members of Congress, and Military Generals.  He has been the owner of a multi-million dollar manufacturing company and has lead companies and public agencies through tremendous growth and extreme crisis including one agency’s recovery from the Orange County, California bankruptcy.   Ron has earned a commercial pilot’s license and recently moved from California to Texas with his wife of 42 years to start a cattle ranch.

Through Ron’s personal stories and sharing of how the principles can be easily applied to their lives, both organizations and individuals are inspired to begin on a journey of excitement by viewing the events of their everyday life with a new and unique perspective.  With humor and authenticity, his audiences are able to connect immediately with Ron and embrace the message that allows them to be more productive and fulfilled in their professional and personal lives.  We can all easily relate to his lessons of leadership.  Ron guides us to effectively deal with crisis and to influence those around us to do the same.

In the spirit of living his life’s motto “Life is not a problem to be solved; it’s an adventure to be lived!” Through his speaking, coaching and writing Ron brings excitement, encouragement and hope.

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