Meetings Room Needs

Meeting Planner Requirements – Download

To ensure the greatest experience for your event, listed below is items of coordination that Ron has found adds to your audience’s experience.

Audio Visual Needs:

Some of Ron’s programs require a projector compatible with a Windows based PC.  Ron will provide the PC, and the event should be prepared to provide the projector and screen.  Not all programs will require audio visual equipment.  Specific needs will be finalized when the programs are selected.

When the screen is set up it is preferred to be at the speakers’ left corner at a 45 degree angle.

Room Layout:

All chairs should the face speaker and be arranged as close to the speaker as practical.

The room should have no more than 10% overage of the anticipated audience size.

Travel Requirements: 

Ron travels from Dallas, Texas.  Travel requirements are coach air travel and a standard hotel room.  Ron usually arrives the day prior to his first presentation.

Communications Requirements:

Ron will send the meeting planner a Pre-conference survey form to ensure his presentation incorporate the planner’s goals for their audiences experience for the event.

An On site contact phone number for the meeting planner to let you know Ron arrived.