KeynotesThe message of “The Greater Journey” has been changing people’s lives for decades.

Ron’s ability to relate to the audience is fueled by his over 40 years of Industry, Governmental and Community leadership.  He possesses a unique ability that allows him to effectively relate to a broad spectrum of people from international leaders to factory line workers.   He transforms the audience’s mindset from viewing everyday life as a problem to be solved, to living the life of adventure they were born to enjoy.  Filled with insights, humor, passion and compassion, Ron shares personal stories and lessons that inspire and motivate individuals to begin a journey on a new path of excitement by viewing the events of their everyday life in a different way.  The action steps he provides allow individuals to begin the transformation of their lives immediately.

“Ron is relevant, life-changing and moving.   With his humor and authenticity, the audience is able to connect with Ron and embrace his message.” David Baker, Former Commissioner Arena Football League

“Ron is passionate about his message.  He is knowledgeable and believable when he speaks about overcoming business related and personal struggles.”  Mark Popel, Past President California Furniture Manufacturer’s Association

Ask about Ron’s three most requested keynote speeches:

1. When One Road Ends, Build a New Road!

Handling Success and Conquering Crisis with the same Passion.

Have you ever been on top of the world and feared losing everything?  Have you lost something of significant value?  Ron Hoesterey was at the top of his game in business and viewed as a respected influential leader in his community.   He then suffered tragic financial defeat, the loss of his home and narrowly escaped the loss of his business.  But nothing could have prepared him for the greatest loss of all.  The one thing he did not lose was his ability to climb back out of what seemed to be a bottomless pit to rebuild his life, strengthen his relationships, and attain a far greater level of success and peace in his adventurous journey.   Journey with Ron through challenges and adventures as he exposes the secrets of handling success and conquering crisis with the same passion.  You will learn how much strength is already within you and how to unleash that power when things go wrong and it is needed most.   You will be better prepared for the next crisis, attack the issues swiftly and effectively, and move forward to live your next adventure.

2.     You are one question away from changing someone’s life.

Be a Person of Influence Every Day.

Have you ever wanted to have the influence of a King?  It’s good to be King!   Have you ever imagined being involved in events that will change the world?   Everyone has a desire at some time to be that great person of influence.   The problem is no one knows how to get there.   Join Ron as he shares his stories of being a person of influence in an arena of World Leaders, Ambassadors, Corporate Executives, Governors, Members of Congress and the rest of the people on this earth he runs into on his daily journey.  You will learn how to make a great first impression, what the key characteristics are of persons of influence and how you can positively change the lives of people you encounter every day.

3.     Live the Adventure

Life is not a problem to be solved; it’s an adventure to be lived!

Is each day filled with problems, sameness and drudgery?  Do you feel trapped by your present circumstances?  Do you lack of control over your life?  This is not the way you are designed to live.  It doesn’t have to be this way!  Learn how to take charge and be excited each day.  Travel with Ron as he guides you through his many adventures and learn that you can control your environment, your happiness and become more productive in everything you do.  You will learn to aggressively conquer the stress that is affecting your health, your relationships and is robbing you of the enjoyment of your journey through this life.   You will begin living the life you were meant to have.