CoachingThere is an old saying that a Cyclops lacks perspective. The executive coaching arm of The Greater Journey helps leaders gain a fresh perspective on their pressing issues and challenges. The four responsibilities of the Coach are to Listen, Teach, Encourage and Confront.

Through a coaching experience using these four methods, the focus is on uncovering the issues that paralyze a business and addressing alternative ways of implementing corrective positive action.

People often ask if the focus is on large or small businesses. The main focus of The Greater Journey coaching is on individuals. When the individual conquers the adversity, the business automatically begins improving. Therefore, some clients are heads of billion dollar enterprises while others are sole proprietors of family businesses.

Utilizing Ron as a facilitator for difficult projects, preparation for important meetings or major changes that will occur in a company is a excellent way to gain fresh perspectives, speed the process of the change and reduce the potential for critical mistakes that will divert you from your main goal.

Ron’s leadership experience in corporate and entrepreneurial ventures provides you, the client, with a comprehensive range of solutions and perspectives for your success.