Calves Crying at the Fence

CalfWe are weaning three calves in the pen and pasture behind the barn.  Each day two of them stood at the fence and moo’ed loudly to be fed.  As I carried the bucket out to the feeding trough in the pen the third calf was standing patiently in the pen.    While two pleaded fervently to make sure they got fed (demanding their rights) it was as if the third was saying, I did not have to call you as I know you come every morning.

Then it came to me.  “Which way do others see you?”  Some of you are constantly mooing to be heard even though people are there for you every day.  The calm and peace of the third calf sent a message.  I trust you, and I believe in you.  Her attitude brought peace as she walked over to sniff  and casually walked to the trough and waited.

Through her controlled and quiet communication, she let it be known that the goal was to be fed and went to where the action was to be completed.  The other two further down the fence line began to run to the pen to make sure they were not left out.  Ask yourself, which calf would you want to be around?

Ask yourself, as a boss, employee, customer or family member, are you someone people want to be around?  Do you leave people with a peace that you are OK because you believe in them, project an attitude of cooperation and teamwork?  Or are you bringing a message that you are untrusting, fearful and constantly crying “I need, I need, I need?”  Take a moment and honestly look at your behavior and how it is seen from both sides of the relationship.  Are you a problem or a solution in your daily activities?  Solutions are rewarded, problems are avoided or eliminated.

Your challenge is to begin working on an attitude of projecting control, leadership, and an atmosphere of calm in a crisis when all those around you are being taken out of the game.




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    • Ron Hoesterey says:

      Thank you for your kind words, we will update the site reguarly as it matures.
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