Ron brings fun, excitement and actionable items to your conference or meeting.

Through the art of storytelling, Ron shares simple everyday steps to incorporate life changing practices into your daily routines. The breakout sessions are engaging, fun, up close and personal.

Ron developed these tips and techniques assisting corporations and their employees during periods of the most dire of circumstances.  Working with corporate executives, Ron has gained a unique insight on how successful people handle everyday challenges and thrive in the process.  The breakout sessions help you transform from a condition of being paralyzed by fear to successfully looking forward to each day and planning your future accomplishments.

By sharing in real life stories you are given step by step practical actionable items that turn everyday encounters into life-long adventures.

The three most requested Breakout topics:

“Ten steps to a Greater Journey” for you! 

Take control and enjoy each day at work and home.

“We are all persons of Influence”  

It’s fun to deal with others to influence their lives!

“Live the Adventure” 

Incorporate the techniques that lead to the life you were designed to live.

Book Ron to include a rewarding experience at your next event!